Fox Class Weekly Updates 29/01/24

It has been another busy week in the Fox class.  Everyone has been fantastic knowledge retrievers showing that they are learning and enjoying this term’s topic ‘Guardians of the Planet’. 

There has been an art focus for both topic and RE this week.  In RE the children have been creating a piece of art based on the ‘Oneness of Allah’.  Their preliminary sketches were amazing and this week they have added colour.  The attention to detail and careful paintwork resulted in some breathtaking pieces.  

This continued during their topic painting too, as they worked with a minimal colour palette to recreate landscapes in the style

of John Brunsdon, a print artist.  The awareness of perspective shows the understanding of a three-dimensional scene drawn in a two-dimensional way. 

In English, we have been learning how to write a formal letter.  As this is not a form of writing that the children undertake regularly we have grappled with the format and content this week.  Our letter to the council has outlined the devastating climate change issues that are facing our planet.  The children have learned more about the temperature rises of the Earth and how this and many other factors are impacting this rise.  I am sure they will be able to provide you with a range of facts and figures. 

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