Hedgehogs Forest Preschool Weekly Updates 05/02/2024

To celebrate National Storytelling week, we have been sharing some of our favourite tales and acting them out in our play.  Seeing the children sitting snugly in the little play house, inspired Rachel to retell the Julia Donaldson classic ‘A Squash and a Squeeze’. The children had great fun pretending to be the different characters in the story. We visited our Wild Area and were excited to find numbered pictures of birds dotted around.  We were curious about the different colours and features of the birds.  Some had long tails, others had curved beaks but they all had two legs. One of our creative Hedgehogs named a bird with yellow feathers ‘The Goldilocks bird’!  Using natural materials like bark and leaves, we made a bird sculpture in our garden. The end of the week saw us having fun with numbers as we celebrated the NSPCC’s Number Day.

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