Hedgehogs Forest Preschool Weekly Updates 02/10/2023

We celebrated a double birthday at the beginning of the week.  Thank you to the twins for sharing their delicious chocolate unicorn and dinosaur cake with us at snacktime.  We wish you both a very happy 4th birthday! We discovered more about autumn seeds, investigating their shapes, textures, even the sounds they make, and looked closely at how they move. To prepare the soil for planting wildflower seeds, we learned to use the garden tools safely.

Active, outdoor learning is hungry work!  The banana oat pancakes we mixed up and cooked on the campfire gave us the energy we needed to keep challenging ourselves.  

Next week we will be celebrating National Poetry Day on Thursday.  Does your child have a favourite nursery rhyme they’d like to share with us?

“Oh the Grand Old Duke of York…”

“See-saw margery daw…”

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