Hedgehogs Forest Preschool Weekly Updates 27/11/23

With winter drawing near, we’ve started to think about what the wildlife around us might be doing to prepare for the cold weather ahead.  We learned a new word ‘hibernation’ and thought about how we can help our animal friends, particularly hedgehogs.  With the help of some brilliant books from the Norfolk library service (we now have our own library card as part of the Bookstart scheme) we discovered what materials hedgehogs use to make their cosy winter beds and foraged for moss, leaves and bendy twigs.  

To help the hungry birds, we made apple bird feeders.  It was fiddly to push the sunflower seeds into the apples but worth persevering.  

To provide more shelter and food for our animal neighbours in the years to come, we planted trees from The Woodland Trust in our wild area.  A special thank you to our parent volunteer team who shared their knowledge, tools and enthusiasm. Not forgetting the tiny creatures that are food for bigger animals, we created bug hotels reusing tin cans from the recycling bin.  We measured and cut the dried stems of our sunflower plants to make cosy spaces for bugs to rest in over winter.

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