Hedgehogs Forest Preschool Weekly Updates 4/12/23

We continued our hibernation theme this week, linking it to ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and exploring using different materials to make cosy beds.  Basing our play on the well-loved story encouraged us to use descriptive language like ‘big and small’, ‘hard and soft’, ‘hot and cold’.  It also inspired us to make porridge and try out different toppings to find out what was ‘just right’ for each of us.

In our wild area we planted more trees.  Thank you to parent volunteer Jade who came back to help us.  Thank you also to Rachel for bringing in an apple and a pear tree so the children can learn how some of the fruits we enjoy at snack time grow.  

In a quiet corner of the wild area, we began to build a hedgehog hibernation station.  We enjoyed pretending to be hedgehogs, snuffling about in the autumn leaves, hunting for worms and beetles and squeezing through small gaps on our ‘hedgehog highway’ trail.  We painted spiky headbands to help us get into the role and made up a game called ‘Sleepy Hedgehogs’ where we had to curl up and hide from a hungry badger.  Maybe we should’ve offered Badger some of our yummy porridge to keep him at bay!

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