Hedgehogs Forest School Weekly Updates 29/01/24

The stormy start to the week saw us spending a bit more time indoors than usual but it didn’t put a stop to our learning, far from it!  Our cosy mobile is well-resourced and full of opportunities to play and explore.  It turns out a misty window is a great place to practise writing numbers, inspired by our nature numberline.

By midweek, we were greeted by blue skies and mild temperatures and for the first time this term we were able to enjoy our snack and storytime outside. 

To get ready for this weekend’s Big Garden Bird Watch we made binoculars and used spotter charts to help us name some of the birds around us.  We are hoping our pinecone bird feeders will tempt more birds into our Wild Area.  If you would like to enjoy a relaxing hour this weekend counting the birds that visit your garden or local park, the RSPB website will tell you more.

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