Hedgehogs Weekly Updates 16/09/23

Hedgehogs have been so creative this week.  We’ve had breakfasts cooked for caterpillars in our mud kitchen.  Natural paints have been mixed using juicy raspberries and blackberries found growing on our bushes.

Even our newest members have been able to independently choose the materials they’ve wanted to use. 

The children have invented games and invited each other to join in the fun. (Don’t worry, those bricks are made of sponge!

We harvested the last of our potatoes, some of which were used to mark make by rolling them in our natural paints.  The rest were grated and mixed into tasty hash browns fried on the fire.  (The egg we used in our cooking came from one of Rachel’s pet hens and the shell was a beautiful bluey green colour!).

What a brilliant week with this creative bunch.  We can’t wait to find out what fun next week has in store for us!

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