Hedgehogs Weekly Updates 25/09/23

Hedgehogs’ week began with a visit from Rachel’s pet chickens.  The children were so calm and gentle with our little feathered visitors.  They enjoyed quietly watching them scratching and pecking the ground for food and listening to their tiny cheeps.  The children had the opportunity to stroke the chickens’ soft fluffy feathers.  Rachel showed us her chicks’ earlobes and we found out that the colour of the lobes matches the colour of the eggs the chicken will lay!  Some of Rachel’s chickens will lay blue or green eggs- wow!

We joined in with the traditional tale ‘The Little Red Hen’, using signing for the animals in the story.

Rachel kindly brought in a book about birds.  We tried matching the colour and pattern of bird feathers with the birds in the book.

We had some super writing going on in the den with two of our hedgehogs announcing with excitement that they were going to do their homework!

The extra windy day saw us based indoors but we amused ourselves by putting on puppet shows, mixing gloop using cornflour and water (which was curiously solid and runny at the same time!) and bringing the outdoors in by exploring conkers and chestnuts that had been blown off the trees.  If you go for a walk at the weekend, see what seeds you can find and please bring them in for us to explore next week.

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