Horning Hedgehogs Preschool Weekly Update 17/06/2022

Hedgehogs have had another busy but also fantastic week at Preschool, with a focus of being healthy!
We celebrated Healthy Eating Week in many different ways, each child  made their own healthy lunch and we got super creative when making our own Fruit and Vegetables to brighten up our display! As a team we sorted foods into unhealthy and healthy categories (although we did explain that it’s okay for us to have unhealthy treats sometimes!) To tie in with our healthy theme, we all did  some exercises in our outdoor area. The children loved to hop, skip, jump and do lots of star jumps!

We also had a look at shapes this week, the children used 2D shapes to build a Castle and we were super impressed with their knowledge of corners! It was lovely to see them  independently counting each corner and even recognising that Circles and Ovals have no corners! Amazing work Hedgehogs!

Coastal Together

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