Horning Primary School pupils get STEAM up!

Darcy, Amelia-Rose and Jessica from Horning Primary School came 2nd overall in the Dyson STEAM Event

To mark National Science Week, Horning Primary School (part of the Coastal Together Federation of schools) not only arranged an entire afternoon of science for its pupils, but sent a team of Year 6 pupils to Gresham’s School in Holt to take part in the Dyson STEAM event.
The idea behind STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) is that by teaching these subjects side by side, children become aware that the arts and sciences are not mutually exclusive.

The science afternoon in Horning saw children of all ages conducting scientific experiments. They inflated a balloon using yeast, created a craft to carry three billy goats across a river, grew a cloud in a jar, and used mirrors to bend light.

In addition, six children made the journey to Gresham’s, and worked in teams to solve various challenges. They had a wonderful time: during their visit, they built, and ultimately fired, rockets, they built boats capable of carrying a 2kg cargo, and experienced virtual reality headsets.

David Hopkins, Deputy Executive Head of Bacton and Horning Primary Schools is very proud of all the children’s achievements, saying:
“Our school strives to stimulate a love of the sciences in our pupils, and to give them a good scientific grounding. They spent an exciting afternoon with their four challenges, which encouraged initiative and teamwork. For those children who attended Gresham’s School to take part in the Dyson STEAM Event alongside others from across the county, it was a wonderful opportunity to mix, work and share ideas with pupils from other schools.

“One of our teams came second overall, and we are all so proud of them. Our aim is to give our pupils a rounded education, and, win or lose, to commit fully to the ‘taking part’. I think they did themselves, and the school, proud.”

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