Otter Class Weekly Updates 02/10/2023

We’ve had another brilliant week in Otter class and have all been working very hard. In our English lessons, we have started to look at a new adventure story, called ‘The Way Back Home’. We have begun to unpick the storyline and KS1 have produced some brilliant sentences during our sentence stack lessons. Otter’s have also come up with some fantastic ideas for where the story might take us next! In our Maths lessons we have been continuing to look at place value and have been using lots of manipulatives to support our understanding. Reception children have been practising their number formations up to ten and have been working hard with various mediums to support the development of this.

In our Topic lessons we have been learning about the Wright Brothers (inventors of the first working aeroplane!) and the history of transport. We have been working hard as ‘history detectives’ to uncover details from the past and have been thinking about how transport methods have changed over time. We have also continued to look at a range of flying machines from the past, gliders in particular, and the children even had a go at explaining which machines they thought would have been successful. Yesterday, we even had the chance to build our own flying machines!

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