Otter Class Weekly Update 18/03/24

We’ve had a fantastic week in Otter class and have been really focussed with our learning. We started the week outdoors on a minibeast hunt as part of our English experience learning. Unfortunately the cold weather meant most of the critters were hiding but we did still see some ants, spiders and woodlice. 

In our Maths lessons we have continued to work on our division and multiplication solving. This week we have had a go at solving a mixture of both and using our prior learning to decide whether the question wanted us to divide or multiply. Reception children have been mastering numbers nine and ten.

In our Topic lessons we have been learning lots about animals. We have looked at food chains, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores and the features of each group. Later in the week we used our five senses to go on a senses scavenger hunt. 

On Friday we celebrated Red Nose Day and had a go at designing our own red noses as well as taking part in activities such as word hunts and mazes. 

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