Otter Class Weekly Update 25/03/24

We’ve had another brilliant week in Otter class and have all been working hard as always. In our Topic lessons this week we have been learning all about sculpture. We started our learning by making our own junk model creatures and later in the week, even had a go at making our own clay sculptures of Australian animals. In our English lessons we have been looking at a narrative called ‘The Koala Who Could’ which tells the story of a lonely koala who likes to keep everything the same. But one day when the unexpected happens, he realises that life can be very exciting and full of adventure. Year 1 and 2 have produced some brilliant sentence stacks and when all children were tasked with creating Kevin the Koala’s next adventure they had some fantastic ideas. He was headed all over Australia! Kevin was headed to Sydney Zoo, the Outback, and to climb Ayers rock. In our Maths lessons we have continued to master our division and multiplication solving. This week we have had a go at trying to independently solve using our prior learning. We have had to very carefully read and unpick the questions to help us decide whether or not to divide or multiply. Reception children have been mastering numbers nine and ten through stories and rhymes such as ‘Ten Little Dinosaurs’ and ‘Mouse Count’. They have been working hard to count one more and one less. 

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