Otter Class Weekly Updates 05/02/2024

We’ve had another brilliant week in Otter class and have been working super hard. This week we have started our History unit in topic lessons and have been learning about the indigenous people of Australia. We have been mark making, designing boomerangs and learning about their ways of life.

In our English, we have continued to look at our narrative, ‘At the Beach’, on Monday we all had a go at creating our own version of Crabby Spit and used sand and craft materials to create our beach scenes. Year 1 and 2 have produced some fantastically detailed sentence stacks. Reception children have been thinking about using descriptive language too, and on Thursday we all imagined what it would be like to be a pirate finding a shipwreck. In our Maths this week Year 1 and 2 have been continuing their learning on repeated addition and multiplication, this week focussing on 5s. They have all been superstar mathematicians and have worked very hard to solve a range of questions and word problems. Reception children have been continuing their work on numbers, this week focusing on 6,7,8. They have completed a range of activities to support this and even created a banquet using items from their kitchen corner on Wednesday! On Friday, we took part in Number Day across the school. At playtime we had a go at solving, code breaking and singing number related rhymes. In Otter class we focussed on measuring, we had great fun measuring out ingredients for cookies and later on in the morning things took a sticky turn when we had a go at measuring out and mixing our own slime! We also made, decorated and measured foot rulers. 

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