Otter Class weekly Updates 11/03/24

We’ve had a brilliant week in Otter class and have been working hard as always. 

This week we celebrated World Book Day. The outfits and effort were very impressive! We took part in book swaps, created book reviews and designed our own bookmarks to encourage us all to read a little bit more. 

In our English lessons we have been working towards creating Non-Chronological reports about kangaroos. We started out by looking at a WAGOLL on wombats as we had already learnt lots about these creatures over the last few weeks. We then began unpicking the features and later in the week started to research kangaroos. We found out lots of information, did you know kangaroos are left handed! Reception children have been using their knowledge to write and record facts about wombats. 

In Maths we have been working hard to solve a mixture of multiplication and division problems. We have made sure to read the question carefully and highlight the key vocabulary before we attempted to solve it. Reception have been learning about time. We have read books such as ‘Five Minutes Peace’ to support our maths learning. At the beginning of the week the children did as many star jumps as they could in 30 seconds, next we moved on to ordering time and created sequences for what our mornings look like. We then moved on to the days of the week and tried to put them into order.

We have started our new science unit in our Topic lessons and began by learning about the five animal classifications. We looked at various animals and tried to categorise them based on visible features and our own prior knowledge. 

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