Otter Class Weekly Updates 20/11/23

Otter class had a brilliant week and we have all been working very hard! 

In our English lessons we have continued to sentence stack for our Amelia Earhart biography. The children have been really interested in learning about her life and came up with some fantastic questions when we were hot-seating during our Topic lesson earlier in the week. 

In our Maths this week we have been continuing to apply our addition and subtraction learning and Year 1 and 2 have been having a go at multi-step word problems. They even came up with some of their own, which we then worked on together to solve. 

Reception children have been working super hard with their funky fingers activities 

and have been using lots of fine motor skills including brick modelling, 

cutting, pattern tracing, and they have also been trying really hard in phonics to master ‘z’ ‘zz’ ‘y’ and ‘qu On Friday we celebrated Children in Need and had lots of cuddly teddy bears dressed as pilots join our class. The teddies costumes were super impressive, well done all! We also helped Fox class with their community cafe by having a go at making some delicious soup- Leek and potato and carrot & coriander, yum!

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