Otter Class Weekly Updates 29/01/24

We’ve had another fantastic week in Otter class and have been superstars with our new learning. 

In English this week, we have started our new text, ‘At the Beach’. We have been thinking about the visuals, sounds and smells you may come across at the seaside. We have all come up with some fantastic ideas and descriptions. Later on in the week we had a go at writing our own postcards about a holiday/memorable experience. 

In Maths we have been continuing our learning on multiplication. We have been focusing on counting in 2’s and the two times table. We have been solving word problems and really unpicking them to establish the mathematical skills required to solve them. We have been using lots of concrete resources and drawing arrays to support our learning. Reception have been focusing on Alive in Five, and have been finding, representing and subitising 0-5.  In Topic we have continued to focus on Geography. We have looked at extreme weather changes and the impacts on our planet. We have been looking at bushfires in Australia and compared this to the recent flooding we experienced locally. We all created a fire triangle, highlighting the three things a fire needs. Year 1 and 2 made comparisons of the landscape in Alice Springs and our landscape here in Norfolk. This allowed us to gain an understanding of why these weather changes happen and how this impacts the land and population.

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