Fox Class Weekly Update 21/04/2023

Welcome to the last term of the school year!

Everyone has returned refreshed and ready for our new topic ‘Navigating Norfolk’.  It may be on our doorstep but we have been comparing the Norfolk Broads with the Lake District and discovering some of their features.  It has been interesting to find out facts about a place we live so close to.  This has been linked to our English reading books ‘Float’ and ‘Floodlands’.

Foxes started the week trying out some origami as they grappled to learn how to fold and crease paper into first a plane and then a boat.  This was highly amusing as they wrote instructions using explicit details, imperative verbs, adverbs and creative imagination.  We tried out each other’s instructions to check for clarity.  

In maths, we learned about decimals and how to divide by 10.  Children reasoned with problems to show their understanding.  

Year 6 have had a week of SATs practise but had a busy week of bikeability with some year 5 too.  There was also Judo for others and a new gymnastics session during PE.

Hedgehogs Preschool Weekly Update 10/03/2023

This week we enjoyed sharing the ‘Stickman’ story.  We had fun building our own Stickman, balancing logs on top of each other to see how tall we could make him.  

After reading about him floating down the stream, we investigated other things that float and sink. 

Outside, our dinosaurs went for a swim and had a game of hide and seek!  The next morning, we discovered the water had frozen.  There were shapes in the ice that looked like dinosaur footprints and teeth! 

We used sticks to make wind-up hedgehogs and road tracks for our cars.

If you go for a walk this weekend, look out for a good stick.  What could you use your stick for?

Hedgehogs Preschool Weekly Update 10/02/2023

Well what lovely week we have had in Hedgehogs! It has certainly been another busy one but the children have impressed Miss Gower and Mrs Mills to no end with how engaged and determined each and every child has been. It’s children’s mental health week, therefore a very important week and we were really keen to celebrate this alongside the school.

We started off the week with a big bang on Monday, celebrating number day which supports the NSPCC. Throughout the day we had a variety of activities to support this! The children have been threading beads onto numbered pipe cleaners, matching cars to their numbered parking spaces and weaving through numbers in the correct order!

We have certainly been spoiled with sweet treats as well this week, the children have been decorating their own heart shaped biscuits, and yes it was sprinkles galore indeed! The children really concentrated in order to make their biscuits as creative as possible. They certainly were a scrumptious little treat.

Hedgehogs have spoken about the importance of keeping active as well, not only does it impact on our physical health but also our mental well-being. Although in preschool we always encourage physical activity as much as possible, this week we have been busier than usual with Yoga, hula hooping, football, bubble popping, obstacle courses and so much more!
It’s certainly a good job that we have a nice, long rest next week. Enjoy your half term everybody!

Fox Class Weekly Update 11/11/2022

It has been a week of assessments in school and Foxes have shown what they can do! Wow, I am so proud of you all!  However, we have managed to cram in so much more too.  The village cafe was our highlight this week and Foxes thoroughly enjoyed preparing in class for this.  We also worked together with Otters to make an amazing wreath from card, paint and tissue.  Take a look at the church on Sunday. 

Our learning continued as we developed our guided reading text into a play script.  Foxes used their understanding of scripts and dialogue to begin their first scene after practising in groups to identify the stage directions. 

In maths we have started to consolidate our understanding of inverse with the use of bar models to help show the process.  

Auditions took place this week and everyone is now keen to know their part for the Christmas play.  The final cast list will be shared next week so prepare yourselves for rehearsals.

Fox Class Weekly Update 23/09/2022

This week saw the first of our music lessons from the visiting Norfolk Music Hub teacher which was well received  in Fox class.  Not only did we learn our first notes on the recorder but we also began to understand how to read music too.  We can’t wait until next week.  Some of Fox class joined in the after-school club where children are learning to play the ukulele. (Spaces are still available if you wish to join – I am even considering it myself.  It sounded so much fun!)

It has been a shorter week than normal but Key Stage Two have still managed to pack their learning in.  Our independent diary writing showed stamina and reflection as we edited our work to showcase our understanding of cause and effect conjunctions, fronted adverbials and emotive phrases.  Topic focused on map reading around Britain to identify where the Romans invaded.  We looked further into many of the Latin names for our cities plotting these on our maps with the help of Google Earth.  Do you know the first area the Romans invaded? Ask your child/ren because they should be able to tell you and name some of the Latin cities.

We hope you enjoy the photographs this week!

Otter Class Weekly Update 23/09/2022

Otters have been looking at ‘More / Less’ in maths and continued our stories of ‘Rapunzel’. In topic lessons we have looked at Indian Weddings, Henna and the city of Mumbai. We have been loving our new weekly Boogie Bounce sessions and we are really excited for our next session! Soon we have got a special visitor coming in to do some workshops based on Diwali! Watch this space!

Fox Class Weekly Update 15/07/2022

Wow what a busy few weeks it has been! We have had transition days, swimming, sports days and somehow continued to do our normal lessons. This week the children researched Howard Carter and completed a fantastic fact sheet all about him. They then put their new found knowledge to good use and debated whether he should have taken the artefacts from Tutenkamun’s tomb. Well done team!

Otter Class Weekly Update 15/07/2022

This week in Otter class, as well as working hard to keep cool, we have been very busy learning about fractions, and thinking about the things we would keep or change for our poem ‘If I Were in Charge of the World’.  In topic, the children have been busy learning painting and drawing techniques, ready to create their own Monet/Klee masterpieces! On Tuesday we celebrated our similarities and differences on ‘Go Ahead and Sparkle’ day. We created some gorgeous rainbows on the playground that you may have seen, and while we were out there we were treated to a sun halo. The children were fascinated (and confused as it was not raining), so we returned to class and had an impromptu investigation into what causes them.

Otter Class Weekly Update 26/11/2021

This week in Otters we have finished our writing on the text “Pigs Might Fly”. Below is an example of a completely independent piece of writing.

In maths Reception have been looking at money and Years 1 and 2 have been not only comparing numbers but also comparing number sentences. In Topic we have been looking at the Human and Physical Geography of Horning and we have also been rehearsing our Christmas performance! It is starting to get very busy in school and we cannot wait to share the performance with you! Look out for details of our Christmas plans in a letter soon.

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