Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 30/06/2023

We have continued to enjoy our beach topic this week, creating sparkly mermaid and sea creature pictures and cooking up seaside cupcakes using playdough, pasta and shells.  Mmm… they looked good enough to eat!

  We had fun chasing after a beach ball, kicking it and playing catch together.  It wasn’t easy to catch such a big squidgy ball but it was great fun trying!  

Kite flying really took off this week (excuse the pun!)  It led us to investigate what a kite needs to help it float up high.  We found thin, light sticks were better than thick heavy ones.  Spinning round helped lift our paper kites into the air, as did running fast to catch the breeze.  

At the end of the week, the refreshing rain gave us the opportunity to enjoy a paddle and splash in the sea.  It was great fun even though we were in our wellies and wetsuits rather than bare feet and swimsuits!

Fox Class Weekly Update 23/06/2023

Foxes have had another busy week! They enjoyed another week of swimming at Broadland sports centre.

This week we have continued our poetry writing as a class.

We have been very impressed with the poetry that foxes have created this week; acrostic, limericks and haikus!

We also had lots of fun experimenting with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar, to find out how we could make the reaction reach a taller height. Foxes enjoyed this, however we found the smell of the vinegar a little strong! Foxes worked brilliantly as a team during our experiment!

We have been fortunate enough to have been able to spend lots of time outside this week, sketching animals and wildlife as part of our art lessons! Foxes also created maps of the school using compasses and ordnance maps as inspiration!

In maths 3/4/5 have been rounding to 1000’s and adding decimals.

The foxes have shown some brilliant working out in their books using number lines!

Otter Class Weekly Update 23/06/2023

We have been so busy again in Otter class this week, despite the heat! Following on from our visit to the Time and Tide museum last week, the children have been looking at Great Yarmouth in the past and writing about similarities and differences between a seaside town then, and now.

We were also creating sandwich packaging for a healthy lunch after reading the Lighthouse keeper’s lunch, and in order to do this, the children had to practise their cutting and scoring skills, which they all mastered very well!

In maths we have continued investigating capacity and volume, and have looked at comparing the volume of different containers. We did have some surprises!

Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 23/06/2023

This week our play in the Wild Area was inspired by a picture book called ‘We’re going to find a Monster’.  The story is based on ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’ with the characters travelling through different habitats, looking out for the animals that live there.  

It saw us floating boats across the ‘shimmering ocean’, watching out for whales, turtles and crabs.  We bravely climbed a ‘huge, high mountain’ and crept through the ‘deep, dark jungle’ of our trees, spotting lots of busy beasties hiding under the logs.  Hedgehogs particularly enjoyed making the ‘bubbly bubble lake’ even more foamy by splashing about in it in wellies and whisking air into it.  

We discovered a small dark cave and were curious about what might be inside.  Some of us had a go at dressing up as monsters and roaring and stomping about.  And what’s a good way to stop a monster from being grumpy?  Tickle it of course!

Here are some more highlights of our week in Hedgehogs:

               creating sand pictures                     chilling out in our beach hut

                                       celebrating turning 2 with cake

taking a pet giraffe on a bus journey               decorating and flying a kite

Fox Class Weekly Update 16/06/2023

Fox class sailed into the sunset this week.  With a bright blue sky, the sun shining and a warm breeze blowing, our trip was set to be a river adventure to remember.  Not perhaps everyone’s most exciting experience because there were a few apprehensive children as we embarked on the traditional half deckers at Hunter’s boatyard.  It was for some, a first, but hopefully the start of an inner passion with our beloved Broads.  The children most definitely had the time to practise some of their skipper skills and they soon realised it involved a lot of teamwork to sail successfully.  In the boatyard we were able to sketch and find out information about the yard’s history, traditional boatbuilding and the Amazon, Swallow and Titmouse from the famous Coot Club filmed in the area in 1983.  

Back at school we used our writing skills to record the day’s events in a diary.  Fox class have developed their skills in this genre area and are able to include a variety of grammatical devices and varied vocabulary.  This continued as they investigated collaboratively a range of different poetic devices and poetry genres this week.  We linked these to our river experience making up limericks and haikus to mention a few. We do have a number of budding poets among us! 

Otter Class Weekly Update 16/06/2023

We have been very busy again in Otters. We began the week exploring capacity. This was a lovely cooling activity given the surprisingly hot weather we have had this week! We also had our trip to the Time and Tide museum to find out about seasides of the past. 

The children had a lot of fun finding out about what beach life was like in Victorian times from our time-travelling Victorian visitor and dressing in Victorian beachwear.

Next up was learning about the mods and rockers, and their battle for the seafront. There was music and dancing as well as more dressing up!

Our visit was finished with an excellent Punch and Judy show. They laughed their socks off at it, and even discovered the secret of the swazzle (used to make Punch’s voice shhh….)

Hedgehog Preschool Weekly Update 16/06/2023

Our curious learners in Hedgehogs have been driven by the ‘joy of not knowing’ this week.  We have observed them confidently trying out their ideas to find out what might happen.  Sand was mixed with paint, adding texture to our beach pictures and we discovered pencil will show up under thin watery paint, perfect for drawing pictures of sea creatures under the waves.  

One team worked together on a project they thought up themselves to build a water run.  It was challenging when the pipes slipped about and ended up pointing the wrong way or falling to the floor but our young learners overcame their frustration and even managed to catch some of the water at the other end!  Great to see Hedgehogs bouncing back and developing a willingness to keep going.  They certainly enjoyed achieving what they set out to do.

One child was delighted as they explored what would happen if they spun round with a cup of water in their hand.  “I’ve made footprints!” they announced.  They tried spinning at different speeds, stretching their arm out further and scooping more water into their cup.  They were fascinated by how quickly the watery ‘footprints’ disappeared in the heat of the sun.

Another week of wonder and discovery in our inspiring outdoor spaces!

Fox Class Weekly Update 09/06/2023

Another very busy week for foxes! This week we have been thinking about our trip to Burnt Fen Alpaca Farm. We have been working together with Otters to create a display for the Norfolk show based around Alpaca farming.

Foxes have been writing brilliant non chronological reports about Alpacas. We also made leaflets advertising the farm!

Foxes have been very busy this week being scientists. Firstly, we experimented with different separation methods to find out which was most effective. 

We also carried out an experiment which involved observing different reversible and irreversible changes. Mrs Bellison even enjoyed eating the egg after we had cooked it!

Foxes really enjoyed their first swimming session of the term at Broadland sports club in Filby!

As a class the children collected the materials needed to create their own natural dyes. We will be using these to dye our Alpaca wool!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and hopefully enjoy some sunshine!

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